See. Hear. Now.

Scan any TV. Hear it on your phone. Right now.

Hear the action

Get your ears in on the game. Now every bar caters to your favorite team.

Pump it up

Pump up the volume by the free weights. Move about the gym without missing a beat.

Why wait?

Don't watch a muted TV when you can listen in.



Enhance your company's overall experience, with no installation, hardware, upkeep or cost.


From the treadmill to the free weights, your members seamlessly listen to the TV of their choice.


Keep all your customers happy –- no matter who their favorite team is.


Keeping a calm, restful environment is important. Sharing a room won’t mean sharing everything else.

Waiting Areas

Help the wait time fly by while still maintaining a quiet atmosphere -— with no upkeep and no cost.


Help new roommates get along-- While one listens to the TV, the other can sleep or study. Students can also tune in at the gym and in common areas.

Hearing Impaired

Make sure all of your members, clients and customers find out how to get crystal clear TV audio directly through headphones.

Campus Ambassadors

We're looking for Campus Ambassadors to represent Tunity by spreading the word around your college or university. It's easy, all you have to do is encourage other students to try the app out. Then, the ambassadors with the most app downloads have a chance to win awesome gift cards each month! Think you got the goods? Then sign up here.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tunity?

Tunity allows you to scan a muted Live TV and get the audio streamed directly to your phone.

What do I do?

Simply scan any Live TV for one second and the app will identify the channel and stream the synchronized audio.

Where can I use it?

It's perfect to use at a sports bar, gym, airport, waiting room, and even at home.The audio will only work if you are in close proximity to the TV.

Does it work for every channel?

Currently the app supports 100 channels (Tap “Supported Channels“ on the Settings page for an up-to-date list). For now Tunity works in the USA only.

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